Personal view: Why it is important to set goals.

Personal view:  Why it is important to set goals.

Sarah Guidry, jornalist

I think it is very important to set goals. They can keep you organized, and also pretty busy. If you set goals it can also make you less stressed, and more happy and calm.   


This year I have many goals. I am going to talk about just a few. One of my top goals this year is to fully understand why people do the things they do. Now I know this is a weird goal, and no one will really ever know. I would just like to have a better understanding.


One other goal I have is to see my mom more, because I haven’t been able to visit her a lot because she has been really busy. I love seeing her because she listens to my problems and how my day has gone.


My long term goal for the time that I will be in school is to make at least B in all my classes. Now this goal can be very stressful at times because you have to do so much studying and homework. Which may seem easy but when you have other things to do it can be very stressful.


If you ever feel stressed or disorganized I would so recommend setting goals. When I wasn’t setting goals I always felt so stressed out. When I started to set goals it gave me more wiggle room to have fun.


I even started keeping a journal to put all my goals in. It started to become a good regular thing that I did. I started to just have a goal for each day. They didn’t even have to be big long term goals. Sometimes it would be just fun little silly things.


A lot of people think it is silly or weird to do it, but it’s actually fun and calming. Now I Will say it may not be for everyone.


These are just a few reasons I have for setting goals. I could go on and on with the benefits of it, but who would want to read that much. I hope that this has encouraged you to start or continue setting goals.