Personal View : I’m Excited for Christmas break


Kya Logan, Staff Reporter

For my Christmas break I plan to have fun with family and friends. Me and my mom just went to IKEA and bought some new furniture for my room, so on the break we are going to set it up hopefully my room is done before Christmas. I also plan on going to the shops in La Cantera because it’s really pretty in Christmas and I like the cold.

I am really happy this year for Christmas because we just got a new tree for cheap and it is way bigger than the one we had last year. My mom already started decorating the house and it looks really pretty. I hope I can finish putting my room together so I can decorate it too.

For Christmas me, my mom, and my sister usually go down to New Mexico to visit family but not this year. I really love going down there for Christmas because all the people down there decorate so pretty and my family makes good food. I also like it there in the winter because it snows and I get to play with my grandpas dogs in the snow. This year me and my mom are going to make a lot of different recipes to try.

Christmas is my favorite holiday because I get to spend time with my family and friends. I also like Christmas because the pretty lights, cold, snow, delicious food, and of course the presents. Because it’s cold I like to wear sweaters and sweaters are my favorite thing to wear. This Christmas break I hope to get organized with school and around the house. When we come back from Christmas break I plan to stay focused and get better grades.