Personal view: My answer to — Is water wet?


Camryn Farganus, Staff reporter

In Mrs. PJ’s 7th period Journalism class 5 people say water is wet, and 23 people say it’s not wet. Personally I believe that water IS wet. Below are my reasons.



1covered or saturated with water or another liquid.

“she followed, slipping on the wet rock”

synonyms: damp, moist, soaked, drenched, saturated, sopping, dripping, soggy;


“wet clothes”


How can something that’s not wet make something wet? This definition is provided by Google’s Dictionary, if this wasn’t enough proof, here are some more reasons I think water is wet. Water itself is a liquid, liquids do not react to the things it is touched by. For example if you touched liquid it’s liquid whether you’re touching it or not. It’s the same situation with water. Water is still wet even if you aren’t touching it. Water is literally known for being swimmable, as well as drinkable. Drinking something that isn’t wet would not be very pleasant. Just think about it. Also if water wasn’t wet it would be able to hold its shape, but it can’t.

This is just my opinion, however. But Julia Escobedo thinks water isn’t wet because “Wetness is a description when something is saturated with water.” Julia also stated that “Water isn’t wet the  same way fire isn’t burnt.” I disagree with the last quote because I see it as water is wet as fire is hot. However this is just my opinion because many of other people