Personal view: Preparing for midterms can be stressful


Davis Donicht, Staff Reporter

As Midterms come along before the long winter break everyone seems to stress out over them and worry that they are not going to get a good grade. However there are ways to make sure you are ninety nine percent certain to pass the Midterms.

Studying can be a huge part of stress relief when it comes to big tests like these, because when the day of the Midterm comes you will be ready for it and know all the material. Be sure though to not take in all the information at once as that will just wear you out and make you to tired to take the test. If you study the night before, a day or two before, or even at breakfast before the test all of the notes will stick in your head and you will know all you need to know for your Midterms.

Taking a study break is huge as I said in the last paragraph studying all at once will make you extremely tired, so don’t wait until eight at night to study so you never have the chance to break. Maybe eating a snack or watching like a thirty minute television show. Even if you study for hours on end you will just fall asleep during the test or you will forget everything you studied because of how tired you really are.

Eating a big breakfast is another big part of passing your midterms. If you don’t eat a big breakfast all you will be thinking about is food and when lunch will be. Also when you don’t eat you feel really tired and can’t concentrate. So if you stay up all night studying and you don’t eat you will probably not do to well on the Midterms.

After all these horrible tests are over however Christmas break will be here and all of the stress from Midterms will be all taken away for a whole two weeks of the school year. Then we will have to come back to school and at the end of the year we will have finals going over the entire year instead of only half.