School Fights

     School Fights                                                                                                   By:Trinity Townsend and Keiahna Tucker                          


Some people think fights are good, some think they are bad. Lots of fights, or what have seemed like them have been occurring lately. “ I think that fighting is ok if it’s playful, but if it is an actual fist fight, it’s not ok,”says Lauren Sanchez.


Most fights happen when people don’t agree on something,maybe it is drama,or just a plain argument, they can’t just put their differences aside and be the bigger person.” Fights always happen because someone can’t just put up with someone”, says Danae Siggers, “ all people know how to to do is fight and yell”.” I bet lots of wars wouldn’t be happening if self control was inside everyone”, says Siggers.


Last Thursday, December 7th the entire group that was eating lunch during 5th period hurried to their feet where two boys ran into the bathroom and someone shouted “Ooh, they’re throwing fists!’’. Everyone wanted to get a glimpse of a supposed fight, until Mrs.Silva, Vice Principal shouted through the microphone, “Last person standing up gets I.S.S!” Immediately all of the students rushed back to their seats, nobody wanting punishment. It caused quite a laugh when people learned that there was  no fight, someone had simply gone to vomit from tasting a gross drink


“Don’t bother other people, and they won’t bother you, people are entitled to their own opinions”,says 8th grader Emma Parker. “I think fights happen when some people just don’t know how to control themselves”. Fighting is not okay, I think you should solve your problems by talking it out, but I guess some people can’t help it”, says Parker.


In the time frame of after Thanksgiving break and now, a week before exams multiple fights have occured, som being more reasonable than others.In 5th period unch there was the vomit “fight” and an actual fight that involved three boys in the hallway upstairs near the math area.People in class at the time could hear shouting and the sound of shoes squeaking against the floor.The fight lasted only a few minutes before a teacher intercepted and broke them apart, also giving them  a week of lunch detention as punishment for disrupting her and surrounding classes as student peeked through windows to see.


“Most people who fight just can’t relax and work stuff out, yeah its hard but if you take time you can settle it peacefully” says Brianna Sanchez 7th grader.Most fights that begin usually end just as quickly as they started, especially if someone decides to be a bigger person and face their decision or situation. If people could see what is actually happening and try to figure it all out lots of fights could be avoided.