Is Homework Really Worth it?

Is Homework Really Worth it?

Jenna Baglio, News Reporter

Even though a lot of students at Dobie have already gotten the hang of school homework, there is more than enough people who still don’t like doing it. Sports and after school activities also get in the way of kids study time and homework time too. It just comes down to one question, is homework really worth it?

Many kids at Dobie would love to agree that homework is a big waste of time, but one student with the name of Madelyn Pickett has neutral feelings about it and states, “Homework helps us remember things we learned in class.” Pickett also agrees that it can be a little too much at the same time and says, “Sometimes teachers excessively overload us with homework, like they want us to study for the S.A.T’s.” Both of her opinions are very hard to disagree with because they show great, valid points.

After getting to know someone who has an undecided opinion on whether or not homework is useful or not, Jocelynn Klein does not think it is a waste of time, as much as, that some people get too much of it. “Some kids are up all night doing homework and they don’t get enough sleep,” Klein says. Kleins statement does give a great point, homework is helpful but some students may get too much to handle at once.

Although there are many reasons to believe that homework is not good, it can still be beneficial to a lot of students and help them in the near future. It can help with tests and it “shockingly” can bring your grades up. It really is just your opinion, deciding whether or not to do the homework teachers give out.