Personal view: Basketball tryouts were never racking


Kobe Gonzalez, Staff reporter

 I wanted to be part of the Dobie basketball team this is how I got there. Basketball tryouts were December 4-6.


On Monday I woke up really nervous. I had made the team last year, but this year there was a lot of competition. So I was really concerned that I wasn’t going to make the team.


When the day was over I ran into the locker room and got dressed for tryouts. When I walked out of the locker room I realized how many kids were actually trying out, a lot more then last year.


When I began tryouts we started with layups. I was in the 3rd group but I got scared because all there was a lot of great competition that caused me to be a bit more nervous.


Thankfully, Coach Driffill told me to go to group 2. As soon as coach moved me to group 2 I automatically felt relived. I was with the people I knew and that includes all the good players.


After that we scrimmaged. They sent some people I know that had already made the team. I wasn’t one of those people.


The next day of tryouts I wasn’t nervous at all. I simply just went out and had fun, and played basketball. It was like I was playing with my friends and no one could stop me.


We did the same thing as day 1. We did layups and scrimmage, but coach was very observant. He watched us scrimmage and he kept evaluating us.


Day 3 was mostly the same. We just had less people which was good and bad. It meant more reps but it also meant that coach would watch everything that we were doing. 


When we were scrimmaging he told a group of people including me to go talk to him. He told us to go home. So we all went home.


On Thursday the list came out. I had made the team! I was so excited that I almost missed my bus. Making the team was so incredibly awesome and Ill always remember it.