Before Christmas

Trevon, writer

                                           Preparing for christmas

By:Trevon Parker


Everyone the holiday day of christmas and no one really tell on what make this special day so special.In this article i’m telling you about where people are going who they’re going to be with what are they going to be doing during this magical time of the year.Also seeing how much they enjoy this time of year.


I meet up with a few kids from Dobie Junior High about what their doing during the christmas day preparation.The first person I meet up with was James Partin I asked him if he was going anywhere special he said i’m staying home also asked if he got any one something he replied “no I relay on santa for that”.I could tell that he wanted the break to hurry bc how happy he was about santa.


Later on in the day i meet up with another student by the name of Donovan Holcombe I asked him if he was doing anything during the break he said “i’m going to be with my brother playing 2k” he also told me “it’s their way to bond” so that’s their way of being together and having fun.Another thing i asked him was did you get anyone something special he said “no because I don’t like people”.I could tell the he was just bursting out with joy for the holiday.So i could they that kid at DJH could not wait for christmas time .