What to do when you lose your phone


Emma Parker, staff reporter

 Trust me I know that feeling of brushing your hand across your back pocket to check if your phone is still there. It’s a feeling of relief when it is back there and you can go on with your day calmly. If you notice it’s not there that’s when you go into a full panic. Not only do you start to panic but you can’t stop worrying until you know where it is or you’ve found it.

 Being a teen in this generation everyone is on their phone all the time. It’s how people connect when they can’t be with each other one on one. Losing your phone could lead to people getting behind on friendships, drama and other things that happen outside of school. It also might effect important information you need. Teachers theses days are so dependant on email if you lose your phone you will miss some important information about what you need the next day or something you need to change on your homework.

 All could be avoided if we had something to carry our phone in or something to keep it safe. Maybe a system to keep track of your phone will work. At every passing  period make sure you have your phone with you that way if you notice your phone is gone you know exactly what class to go to instead of searching the entire school and missing most of your next class trying to find it.

 You are responsible for your phone so if you lose it you can’t blame anyone but yourself, but If you see a phone that doesn’t belong to you the right thing to do is return it. If you don’t know the person you can simply just turn it into the office. There is no reason to keep it anyway.