Snow in Cibolo is Unforgetable

Paige Freund and Faith Runyon

 This year on the evening of December 7th it snowed in Texas. It is truly a freak of nature. Nobody would have ever expected it to 

spontaneously start pouring snow into tons of backyards across Texas.

 The night before multiple news reporters predicted that it was going to snow, but the people of Texas immediately doubted their theory. Although, there may have been a few people out there who were confident there was going to be white blankets on their doorsteps.

 Even though snow in Texas is rare, some people were not at all fazed by it. For example, DeLisa Booker, a 7th grader, had this to say, “I’ve seen snow before. It’s nothing new to me.” While others were actually very excited at the sight of even a single snowflake. Kaylyn Hendrix, a 7th grader, said, “I was so happy about the snow, but I was also kind of scared because I wanted to go to the dance, and if school got canceled then the dance would be canceled too.” Others were just as excited about the snow like James Ahrens, a 7th grader, said “I have seen snow before, but when I saw this snow I immediately grabbed my jacket and went outside.”

Most were disappointed that they didn’t get out of school the Friday after, but at least they all enjoyed the snow before it melted. In conclusion, the fact that it snowed is going to be a memorable experience for all to enjoy.