Personal View: My obsession with the Dolan Twins


Aubrianna Kline, Staff reporter

The Dolan twins are youtubers who post every Tuesday. At the beginning, they made funny videos and posted them on an app called “Vine.” Even though Vine is not an app anymore, they ended up with 6.4 million followers.


They now post videos on YouTube as “The Dolan Twins.” They have gained over 4.7 million subscribers. They have a really strong fan base, who are dedicated to them.    


They even went on a worldwide tour.  They called it the “4ou” standing for “for only you.” Talking about their supportive fans. They traveled to many places in a long period of time. They basically did a show with a then friend of theirs Alex Aiono, who sang for the audience. Sadly, I was not able to go to the tour, because I wasn’t as much as a fan of them as I am now.  


Their YouTube videos are something I watch almost everyday. They are funny and can make me laugh all the time. When I am sad or bummed out, I can just watch the and my mood will be so much brighter. I even have a fan account for them with over 800 followers.


I love them a lot. Some may even say I have an “obsession.” I talk about them all the time. Even my family, friends, and teachers know about my love for them. They make me really happy and make me laugh a lot.


The Dolan Twins are my favorite YouTubers, and I hope they don’t stop making videos.