How Christmas Started in America


Nicolas Dziewit, Staff Reporter

How Christmas started in America

By: Nicolas Dziewit

To me christmas means to be giving and be kind to people. Adding presents under the christmas is just a nice addition to what christmas really means. Putting trees of any sort into your house during the christmas season started in Germany when they decorated after the winter solstice, because they thought the sun was a god and it was getting better which meant it was getting warmer. Which meant the end of the cold weather so they would decorate with trees and shrubs.


Christians believe that christmas started when jesus christ was born which was what people believe to be December 25, but according to the internet and its many powers it says that we don’t know when exactly he was born.One of the guesses was that he was born in December which could be true, but we don’t have any definite answers. Its honestly impossible to tell with the information that we have to day.


Christmas can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Some people don’t even have Christmas it’s just something that Christians and families do to make it the best holiday. There are many other different forms of christmas which is depending on your religion.


An example of this is Hanukkah it’s celebrated by jews which is another form of someones christmas. Christmas is different for everyone around the world depending on your religion or just what your parents taught you to believe in.