Personal view: These are the best bands ever!


Hailey Davis, Staff Reporter

Music is something that everyone can enjoy because there are so many different genres. Music is also something that you can listen to everywhere and there are no there are really no limits.

Twenty One Pilots

How I found Twenty One Pilots was my friend and I would always listen to music on the bus. One day she showed me one song by them, called Polarize. I was on a long car trip and wanted to listen to some music, but i accidentally pressed the wrong song. Ever since then, I’ve been completely obsessed.

Twenty one pilots is my favorite band. The band  started in 2009 with Tyler Joseph, Chris Salih, and Nick Thomas. Nick Thomas and Chris Salih had to leave in 2011 because they didn’t have enough time for the band, but Josh Dun joined later that year. Twenty One Pilots originates from Columbus, Ohio. They have 4 albums  that include, Self Titled, Regional at Best, Vessel, and Blurryface. Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun both taught themselves how to play their instruments.

Panic! at the Disco

I found Panic when my friend showed me two song from them Death of a Bachelor and I Write Sins Not Tragedies. From there on I listened to the rest of their albums. Panic! at the Disco is a band that consist of one member, Brendon Urie. To tour panic! Hires people to go with him. Panic! at the Disco has been through several member changes, that’s what leaves Panic! a one man band. Panic! has five albums A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out, Pretty Odd., Vices and Virtues, Too Weird to Live,Too Rare to Die, and Death of a Bachelor. One time the lead vocalist Brendon Urie broke his ankle on stage and kept the show going without missing a beat.


I found the Misterwives is I was going to a Panic! at the Disco Concert and the Misterwives happened to be opening for Panic! at the Disco and they sounded really good. One night in the summer I stayed up super late and listened to all of their music. I ended up really liking it and eventually got to go to their concert and meet them.

The Misterwives consist of six members Amanda Lee the lead singer, William Hehir the bass guitar player, Etienne Bowler the drummer, Marc Campbell the guitar player, Jesse Blum on keys, horns, and  accordion, and Mike Murphy on saxophone. The Misterwives are an indie pop band that in 2012 that came from New York. The Misterwives have two albums Our Own House that was released in 2015 and one that was released in 2017 called Connect the Dots. Each of the Misterwives members have a very unique personality and they are all super nice genuine people.

The three songs that I like by Misterwives are oceans on Our Own House, Out of Tune Piano on Connect the Dots, and one Called Never Give Up On Me of a single they released in October.


How I found Vesperteen was through social media. Everyone just kept talking about them, so I finally listened to them and they were really good I was later on able to go too their concert and meet them.

Vesperteen is a band that is not very well known. Colin Rigsby is the lead vocalist and drummer the other members were only on tour with him. The other members are Andrew Lee the guitarist and Jesse Cale the Keyboardist. Vesperteen started as a band called House of Heros with Josh Dun but Colin decided to create Vesperteen instead. This band started some time in 2015 and have One album called Vesperteen plus some singles.

The top three songs that I like by Vesperteen are Shatter in the Night on the album Vesperteen, Feathers so Hollow on the album Vesperteen, and a new song that came out December first called It Will Never Be Enough.


How I found this band is I was watching somebody’s live stream and they had a record player and started playing this band. I was going on a long car trip ad decided to listen to them and immediately fell in love with their music.

This band is made up of three brothers Adam Met the bassist, Jack Met the lead Vocalist and other instruments, and Ryan Met on vocals and keyboard along with other instruments. AJR has two albums Living Room which was released in 2015 and The Click which was released in 2017. This band is also really cool because they record all of their music in their living room. They began performing in 2005 but didn’t make it well known until about 2013 with their song I’m Ready.  Infact their first show they played only three people attended but instead of giving up they played it.

The top three songs that i like to listen to from them is Overture on The Click, I’m Not Famous on The Click, and I’m Ready on The Click.