Personal View: Christmas Lights


Kylie Pavlovsky, Staff Reporter

  Christmas is right around the corner. Everything about Christmas is beautiful, especially the lights. On almost every street, you can see glistening lights draped on trees, houses, and more. There are various colors as well. There’s blue, red, yellow, gold, silver, green, pink, purple and more. One of my favorite thing about lights, is how they can be shaped into snowflakes and other Christmas joys. Every year my dad decorates the trees,the roof,and the ground with shapes and swirls. The lights make our house bright and welcoming. Other kids have claimed our house to be the best during the holidays, which is amazing to know we make other peoples days with simple lights.

If you enjoy Christmas lights then I recommend going to a Christmas parade.In the parade, the floats are caked with twinkling lights. One time we saw Christmas lights made into Santa’s sleigh and reindeer. You may enjoy that as well. If you are looking for some Christmas cheer, then ask your parent/s or sibling/s to drive you downtown or through some neighborhoods.

You will truly be delighted.