Personal Column: My experience with stress


Gillian Graver, Staff Reporter

Lately, I have been dealing with something that has been making me very worried for a while now. I have been talking to people less and wanting to be by myself. I thought it was just a phase and that it would pass soon enough. So, I kept myself happy, and pushed myself to talk to people more.

One day, though, I had to talk to my parents about how some of my grades were slipping. I just broke down crying. I didn’t know why, but I know that I haven’t been wanting to do my homework recently.

My parents started checking up on me more after that, asking me if I was okay. I told them I was but it seemed like they didn’t believe me. I thought they were just worried because I wasn’t behaving normally.

That’s when I realized that I started to feel sad more. I was unfocused and being very anxious about small things. I had mental breakdowns more often, paired with some panic attacks.

My mom knew that she had to do something. She started talking to me after school one day, telling me that I was probably ultimately stressed from school and what’s happening around me.

Something in my brain clicked and I realized why I was feeling like I did. The stress still continues to this day but it’s not as bad as before. My mom and dad told me to just take it easy for a while, and stay away from drama.

Now that final exams are coming up around the corner, it’s starting to get bad again. Although, this time I know that I just need to work hard and I have friends and family to help me through it. If you are dealing with stress, tell someone about it, it will definitely help. Be aware of other people that are stressed around you and help them.