Personal view: why Cougar Time is a waste of our time


Kristen Howard, staff reporter

Cougar Time is a 25 minute class at the end of each lunch period that allows the students here to have the opportunity to finish your homework or read a book, or as our school says it, “do something academic.”

While some students here think Cougar Time is helpful, others think that it’s a waste of time. I think that Cougar Time wastes 25 minutes of our day and we could use it to spend more time with our friends at lunch.

If we didn’t have Cougar Time, we would sit in the cafeteria for 25 more minutes. 25 more minutes means a longer time to eat and see your friends. Since we have to sit and listen to teachers for almost eight hours, it would be nice to have an hour break to see friends.

In most Cougar Time classes, the teachers don’t let us talk. Whenever I have a question on my homework and I need help on it, I can’t ask anyone for help. If we had an hour lunch and I brought my homework there, I could ask my friends for help.

I think that Cougar Time is a waste of our time. Without Cougar Time, we would have an hour lunch and would be able to socialize with our friends more and have a longer time to eat. I think we should get rid of Cougar Time once and for all.