Personal review: Take a chance on BTS


Alisza Gonzalez, staff reporter

Ever heard of Kpop? I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase but have you actually heard the mind blowing music that is BTS?! A well known Kpop group that is bound to blow your mind!

“Living without passion is like being dead” – Jeon Jungkook. This is just one of my favorite quotes from the youngest member of BTS.

This group consists of 7 amazing members that, are all different, but live with one thing in common, a dream. These 7 men were once young and premature but their age didn’t matter, they knew they wanted to pursue music and join the Kpop industry.

Kpop is known not only for their AMAZING music but the incredible choreography that is thought to fit best with the music. Each one of the boys went in for an interview along with hundreds of other boys. They were required to sing a solo then dance to a previously choreographed dance then try to do both at the same time.

Those who stood out and showed through the hard work that talent rose above were chosen. The ages of these incredibly talented boy range from age 21 to 26. Let’s start by introducing the members and getting to know a bit about them. First is the oldest of the group, Jin. Real name is Kim SeokJin. Jin is 26 in Korea but only 25 here. He is one of the main vocalists and though he is the oldest of the group that doesn’t stop him from acting as if there is no tomorrow.

Kim Namjoon aka RM. Now RM is the second oldest member of the group but believe me when I say this older male can rap amazingly. He is 1 out of the 3 rappers in this group he’s also the leader of BTS. Without him BTS wouldn’t be so popular and get these interviews. RM learned to speak english through watching the sitcom “Friends” growing up, and that’s how we have the amazing person he is today.

Min Yoongi aka Suga. Though he is older than most of the members, that doesn’t stop him from rapping amazingly. He is known as the most mature member of the group but he can also be very childish. He gives off a dark aroa but is actually a gummy bear.

Jung Hoseok aka JHope. Where do i even begin with JHope? He is such an amazing and important member of BTS, he is an amazing rapper and is a ball of sunshine. He is a great role model for everyone and his smile makes the room shine. Not to mention he is the best dancer of BTS.

Then we have Park Jimin aka Jimin. Jimin is by far the strongest dancer in BTS, he is able to dance with passion and so much skill. Plus he has amazing vocals. He hits most of the main high notes in any BTS song. He also is the shortest member and though most people think of that as a disadvantage i find that it is one of the most special things about him and he is perfect the way he is.

Now is Kim Taehyung aka V. He also has amazing vocals being the lowest vocal pitch in BTS. That’s not all, V is also one of the funniest members though he can’t speak english that doesn’t stop him from trying and even cracking a few jokes now and then. Last this amazing male is known for fitting the scene in which he is very talented at going from 0 to 100 before you can blink.

Last but certainly not least, we have Jeon Jungkook aka Jungkook. Now Jungkook may be the youngest member but that doesn’t stop him from being such and amazing part of this group. He is the second best dancer and one of the four main vocalists. He also is known for having one of the best live voices. Jungkook has many talents not all are known yet but they rank from his amazing singing to being the fastest member in a relay race hosted a couple years ago. Jungkook is known to be full of surprises which makes him all the more better.

That is BTS. If you think that is interesting try listening to them and do a little research i’m sure that the things you’ll find will amaze you. Every single one of theses 7 boys have amazing born gifted talents that they love to share to the world. I hope after reading this you’ll consider taking a chance on BTS. Thank you for your time.