What Dobie students are wearing

Jocelynn Klein, staff reporter


Most adults tend to think us youngsters wear bell bottoms, sketchers, and early 2000s fashion galore. However, things have changed. Things aren’t what they used to be, the music taste, the fashion, attitudes, and much more. Kids in 2017 have- i would like to say- evolved. Style really affects how you feel and your attitude. Ive interviewed some students about how they dress, their inspiration, ect… Nevaeh Martinez (13) a 7th grader says her style is more edgy, comfy, with a hint of the 90s aesthetic but still maintaining to be fashionable and cute. The people we look up to can really impact our fashion sense. I’m sure loads of people would love to raid Kanye’s closet. I asked some students whose closet they would like to raid and here are their answers: Tatyana Gregorio says her inspiration is Patrick Stump, i singer with an edgy fashion sense that’s in the famous band Fall Out Boy.

Fashion can really impact a person’s lifestyle. Alex Baldares says his inspiration is early 2000s Britney Spears. “Trashy, classy, and lovin’ it.” he stated. You’re style and what you wear can also impact your mood, like if you wear something that is SNATCHED you might feel confident or proud to show off your style. However, if you’re looking slightly trashy you’re mood could change quickly. But however snatched you may be, always remember to wear whatever you want and feel most comfortable in.