The christmas memories that made me smile

Leila Johnson, staff reporter

 My favorite Christmas memory is in Japan because I love the events they do for Christmas like the light festivals and light shows. I loved seeing the snow monkeys in Hot Springs and there’s snow around it.

When it snows we usually have a week off so we can play and I would have a sleepover with my friend that lives in the same tower as me and we would stay up playing in the snow then her mom makes good curry.

My other friend Raja came over for 10 days because her parents had to go to the states. We played in the snow and I made an igloo. We stayed up and watched movies on her iPad and drank hot chocolate. When she left to go back home it was the week of Christmas. I was so excited to celebrate my brother’s first Christmas. He was so happy when he saw he got new toys.  I love seeing a smile on his face.

When we were done opening present I played with my brother and his new stuff.Christmas in Japan is very different than in the States.I had Japanese wings and they are my favorite for Christmas.The snow started on December and lasted until March.This is my favorite Christmas memory because I got to spend time with my family especially my brother.