Restaurant review: Chick Fil A is the best

Restaurant review: Chick Fil A is the best

Madilyn Morris, Staff Reporter

Chick Fil A is my favorite restaurant mostly because their food but also how nice the staff is to everyone. I usually order chicken nuggets and a big doctor pepper. I always get the biggest fries and sometimes ice cream or a milkshake to go with. I sometimes share with my brother to save money and we get the 12 pack with big fries and a big soda.

Chick Fil A has all kind of food but it’s mostly chicken. They have chicken nuggets, chicken sandwiches,chicken fingers, chicken salads, the best fries, etc. Their drinks include soda, milkshakes, lemonade, sweet tea, and unsweet tea. Their service is the very best because they are the nicest people.

They are always there to help or get something and if something is wrong they fix it right there without any problems. “Once I wanted ten Chick Fil A sauces and they give her exactly ten Chick Fil A sauces without any problems” said Ayana Freeman. Chick Fil A  also has a playground for those kids who want to be loud and play. Their playground allows parents to have some time to drink, eat their food, and relax.

You can find Chick Fil A is almost everywhere. Chick Fil A is closed every Sunday because they are christian and they want their employees to have a day for their family. Chick Fil A is a great job to start off from. They are understanding and try to work around your schedule. When your in high school and trying to find a job to start off just go to Chick Fil A.

Chick Fil A is open 6 a.m. to  10pm and open Monday to Saturday. Chick Fil A is usually around other food store like McDonalds, Five Guys and shopping malls. In the mall Chick Fil A is in the food court with other food places.