Restaurant Review: Is Zoёs Kitchen Worth Your Money?


Paris Brooks, Staff Reporter

Fast food can be great, but sometimes others want a break from calories that come with fast food. This is one of the many reasons why there are restaurants like Zoёs Kitchen. Zoёs Kitchen is a Mediterranean restaurant that serves fresh, wholesome food.  

Zoёs Kitchen is open all week long from 11AM – 9PM. The entree prices range from $8.09 to $11.89. Soup prices range from $3.39 to $21.59. Sandwich prices range from $7.29 to $8.39. Hummus and Salad prices range from $3.79 to $9.19. This restaurant is more on the expensive side, although I think the food is worth it.

When I went to Zoёs Kitchen for the first time, I was very skeptical. The type of food they sold there did not seem to interest me at first.  When I got up to the counter to order, I immediately looked at the sandwich  portion of the menu. I soon ended up ordering a turkey stack with no tomatoes, and no rosemary oil.

The turkey stack is a sandwich that consists of sliced turkey breast, mozzarella, feta spread, lettuce, tomato and rosemary oil on sourdough bread. This sandwich is also served with a side of your choice. I decided on the Baked Lays chips for my side. The turkey stack alone is 460 calories, but with the chips added, it comes out to 590 calories total.

I enjoyed this sandwich a lot! I normally don’t eat this kind of Mediterranean food, but I was pleasantly surprised with this sandwich. Altogether, with my sandwich, chips, and a drink, this meal came out to about $11.00.  I altogether love this restaurant and will definitely continue to eat at it.