I Am Second Spreads Joy In Dobie Cafeteria

I Am Second Spreads Joy In Dobie Cafeteria

Anayah Butler, Staff Reporter

On Wednesday, December 19th I Am Second spreads joy for Dobie students during 5th and 6th lunch. With the stress and struggle of taking midterms I Am second turns that stress and struggle into happiness and joy by making compliments booth!

During 5th and 6th Lunch students scramble to see what the compliments booth is about. The lines get longer and longer as students  wait their turn to get a compliment from Mr Sonny and helpers.

Arisza Gonzales, 8th grader went to the booth but was confused at first “I was very confused. Thought it couldn’t get any weirder” Said Gonzales. Gonzales gave a compliment while at the booth she said “I like your shirt”. Gonzales’s favorite part about the booth was that she thought it was sweet.

Milana Herrera, 8th grader also went to the booth. Herrera was very excited.”I was excited, I really wanted a compliment I wanted to see what it was all about” Said Herrera. Herrera received a compliment from her friend Kalea Ajle. “Milana i love you you’re the best friend i’ve ever had your also very pretty”Said Ajle. After the compliment Herrera felt happy “I had had a bad day and the compliment made my day feel good” Said Herrera. Herrera thinks it’s important to give compliments because it could cheer someone up”Someone could be having a bad day and a compliment can put a smile on there face. There is hate in the world and i think it should stop “Said Herrera.

The compliment booth was a huge success and students had smiles on their faces. Mr sonny and helpers did an excellent job at making students happy and hope they come again next year to bring joy to more and more students.