Dobie teachers run Rock ‘n Roll Marathon


Alessandra Aladzeme, Staff reporter

Four Dobie teachers put their sneakers on to run the Humana Rock n’ Roll Marathon in downtown San Antonio. The marathon was held on Sunday, December 3. Mrs. Rodriguez, 7th Language Arts teacher; Mrs. Montgomery, 8th grade Science teacher; Ms. Lesczynski, English teacher and Coach Head, a 7th grade math teacher and girls soccer Coach, rocked it during the marathon. They answered a few questions about their experiences.

How many many marathons total have you participated in total?

  • Mrs.Montgomery: I have completed 8 full marathons, 26.2 miles each,and about 10 half marathons,13.1 miles each,as well as distance races in between.
  • Ms. Lesczynski: 1 actually but I’ve completed  several 5 Ks.
  • Coach.Head: About 14 half marathons and 1 marathon.
  • Mrs. Rodriguez: I have done a few 5 ks,but this was my first 10 K.

How did you feel at the Rock ‘n Roll Humana marathon?

  • Mrs.Montgomery: I felt like I could have trained better but it went well.
  • Ms. Lesczynski.: It felt amazing to cross the finish line! I felt pride and determination to continue with my running goals.
  • Mrs. Rodriguez: I didn’t think I could finish the race as quickly as I did. Ms. Lesczynski and I finished in 1 hr and 15 minutes. It was all with the good help of my good friend Ms. Lesczynski and her positive encouragement! I was really proud of myself until my body started hurting!

Tell me about your experience at the Rock n’Roll marathon. 

  • Coach Head: I always enjoy the experience. The last half was the best around mile 8 because of the tribute to the military.
  • Mrs. Rodriguez: I originally signed up with my husband, but he hurt hurt his ankle playing basketball so he couldn’t participate. I asked Ms. Lesczynski if she could go with me and she wanted to, so we ran the race together. It was a fun experience and we had a good time. It was hard because neither of us had ever run that far,but we made it!