Personal View: Getting the Flu was Terrible


Alexia Moreland, staff reporter

Personal View: Getting the Flu

By: Alexia Moreland


Have you ever gotten the Flu? Well in some cases people can get it really bad, like me for example. This year I was out of school for a whole week, in and out of the hospital thanks to this virus. Let me tell you it was terrible. While I was out though it seemed like half of the school was out with me. Only one reason for this.. it is Flu Season!


Think your getting sick? Maybe your just have a slight cold, but in times like this before getting sick you should get a Flu shot. Some of the most common symptoms your getting the Flu include a cough, a fever, and sore limbs. Though chills, sore throat, and headaches are also very common for the Flu. This is a very serious problem right now.


So now you know the symptoms lets go over how to avoid it. One of the most popular and efficient ways is getting the Flu shot. You also want to wash your hands frequently, cover your coughs, and try to stay clean. With getting the Flu you get a stuffy nose so I would recommend using a nasal spray. You also get very dehydrated though, so make sure your drinking lots of water and getting fluids in you.


Now my experience.. When I had the Flu I was out all week along with the weekend. I spent most my time laying down, sleeping, and watching TV. This is because it  felt like I could not move at all. I was so sick I did not want to do ANYTHING at all. Not to mention I was having chills and my temperature was up and down making it very cold. Plus I had a very back cough. My father is a medic, so he helped me with medicines and got me different drinks to help my dehydration .Sometimes those little things come in handy.


I also had to go to the doctor’s office twice. The first time because I had a 103 fever and we didn’t know I had the Flu. They had to test my blood and do throat swabs. All to find out I had a Flu. Then they gave me an IV to put fluids into my body. After they finally discharged me I went home for another sick day alone. About 2 days later I went back to the hospital. This time they just did a checkup and prescribed more medicine for me to take. Though with a virus like a Flu, there is not much you can take.


So, next time you are truly sick try going to the doctor. This is so they can give you a checkup. You always need a doctors point of view in these things. Health is a very important thing, and things like the Flu can be very very dangerous in some cases. People have died from these things.