Personal View: Why are we here?


Ernest Porter on right. Colton Rauch on left.

Jacob Shannon, Staff Reporter

Why? A very commonly used word. It can get you an answer, but it can also, quite ironically, leave you with more questions than answers. Another common response to this question is, “Because.” What kind of answer is that? It’s not even a full sentence. Whoever has said that to you obviously failed two things, answering your question and English.

Why is what makes up all reasoning. Why does something happen? Why does that happen? And why does that? With an answer to those questions, everything makes a little more sense.

So, why are we here? What is the meaning of our existence, our very being, the reasoning behind the creation of humans. Yes we evolved from apes, were created by God, or were shaped out of clay by E.T.s. Yes that is an answer, but to the wrong question. Those are great responses to, “How are we here?” What they aren’t is the answer to why.

Here are some responses from people you see everyday in the hallways, class, lunch, and maybe even D-hall. When asked this brain cell killing question, 8th grader Colton Rauch responded with, “Live to our fullest potential.” 8th grader Ernest Porter, who sitting next to Colton, gave an in depth reply, “We don’t really know. It’s one of life’s greatest mysteries. You gotta live life to figure it out.” Like I said before, more questions than answers.

Two tables down, 8th grader Ethan Adams gave his opinion, “To make technology.” A table up, Xavier Tellez, also 8th grade, gave a very short and unacceptable answer, “God.” What does that mean? God made us. Is that what he was trying to get across? Or was it that God wanted to make us? As a fellow Christian I do believe God created man. But why exactly? The Bible doesn’t specifically say.

Why are we here? I don’t really know, and you probably don’t either. Our lives are so meaningless compared to the infinitesimal cosmos. They are too short for us to really make a change, a difference in our galaxy. But, they are just long enough to make a difference here, today. You could go outside and change the world. All you need is a thought, a will, and a way. So get out there and make life better for those who can’t. Be the better person, respect other people, take responsibility, make mistakes, because guess what? That is why we are right here today.