The secret talents the students have at Dobie

Many students at Dobie have hidden talents. From singing to dancing there are many talented people at our school.

 One student, Kamryn Lovett, 8th grader, has a hidden talent. She can sing. Lovett is self-taught, she said she found different breathing techniques for herself. She loves to sing but “ I don’t like when my mom makes me sing for people,” she says.

 Another student with a hidden talent is Darian Lester, 8th grader, is double jointed in her arms. She has discovered that she is double jointed when her aunt did it and then she tried it. She can do her arm trick the first time, sometimes. She has said “I don’t like to show people but I will sometimes”

  Leila Johnson, an 8th grader is in gymnastics. She started taking gymnastics when she was 12 years old. She says she was nervous to try gymnastics. “I think I am going to stay in gymnastics because of the people I’m around.” She says her favorite skill is called a flyaway which is when she does a backflip off the bar from swinging.

 Another student is Ashleigh Garcia, 8th grader, is a majestic ballet dancer. She took dance classes for 6 years and still doing it. She took a break for 2 years to see what else there is but, got back to it after her 2-year break. She doesn’t really like showing people but will in dance class. Lots of people have hidden talents, but most stay hidden.