Dobie Track: What To Expect


Matthew Willis, Staff Reporter

Track season is scheduled to begin March 1st, 2018 and end sometime in April. This will be quick guide on what you should do to prepare for Track (or how to just get into shape). This will also tell you all the basics about track and what is going to happen during the season. This is going to be a list on couple of good tips you should use to train before the track season. These are sourced from the Dobie Athletics Page.


  1. Run – to get your body ready for any event at track you should run a certain distance every/most days of the week. Run a distance that might seem challenging but keep doing it to get used to it. (for ex. 2 miles)
  2. Cut back on unhealthy foods/drinks- This means if you drink 1 soda per week you should limit that to every two weeks or just stop drinking this altogether. This doesn’t mean you should stop eating everything unhealthy but just be mindful of how much is two much and how you should try not and cross that line.
  3. Get ready mentally-  Be prepared to run in some pretty grueling conditions (Rain, Texas heat, etc.) and make sure you are tough enough to be able to sustain yourself for the whole time you are running as it can get pretty tough and you will want to give up.


As stated before the track season will start on March 1st, and will be run at different high

schools across the district. There are a total of 17 events as stated on the Dobie school page and these include:


  1. Distance events: 2400m, 1600m, and the 800m.
  2. Sprint events: 400m, 200m, and the 100m.
  3. Hurdle events: 100m and the 300m hurdles.
  4. Relay events: 4x100m, 4×200 m, and 4x1600m.
  5. Field events: High jump, Long jump, Triple jump, Pole Vault, Shot Put, & Discus


The meets will normally be run on Thursdays around the district. A physical form will be needed and they can be acquired by talking to one of Dobie’s coaches.


To be able to qualify for running on track you must attend a mandatory meeting in the breezeway at 7:45 am on February 21st.


Good Luck!