Personal View: Being the ” Fun-Uncle”

Vaun Natalroman, Staff Reporter

Just recently my older sister has brought new life into the world and her daughter ( my niece ) is named Anna-Lee. Anna-lee is a small 1 month  old , 7-pound baby with smooth brown hair. One thing that me and my family have learned is that there’s a sibling / child that specializes in something with my brother its handling animals , with my sister it’s math and equations, but with me it’s handling babies. That may come as a surprise to most people that know me; the clumsy weird kid. But for some weird reason I’m just able to handle babies, and calm them down, make them laugh, and sometimes most of the time I’m able to stop them from crying just by gently calling their name. Like I said to me and my family whenever there’s a baby that’s crying or wants to play my family just hands me the baby.   


As a baby i always had my brother and sister to help take care of me so that’s why I just hope that I’ll be able to return the favor by taking care of my baby niece. When my mom first told me that I was excited and laughing because my sister was always the person to say “ I’m not gonna have a baby,” and yet here I am a new uncle, my mom teases me that I’m gonna be the fun-uncle or the “Funcle?”, and by that she means I’m going to be the one handling the baby when everyone else is tired or just do NOT want to deal with baby. I’ve always wanted to be the uncle that my nieces/ nephews could have fun with and play around but it happened quicker than I had expected.


I recently learned that the average baby is about 5 lbs and 8 oz’s so Anna was about above average but me.. Now I was no exception for I was a 10 lb gargantuan baby and I was actually the heaviest out of my fellow siblings which is weird considering i’m the baby of the family. My mom used to tell me and my sibling’s that out of me, my brother, and my sister, my brother was the best behaved baby and that my sister and I were the worst. Yet now-a-days it seems like me and  my sister are the best behaved and my brother the worst .


My niece is actually probably the most calm baby I’ve ever seen , she will just sleep and sleep. Although when it comes for the unfortunate time to change her she CRIES like nothing. My niece however, when she sleeps she sleeps she puts her hand by her face as if she’s resting her head on her hand. Anna-lee has a real pretty smile especially when you put a camera on her.


My only wish however, is to be the best uncle I can be ,because she really is a precious girl. Our family’s precious Anna- lee.