Movie Review: Before I Wake

Kalea Wright, Staff Reporter

Before I Wake is a movie about two new foster parents, Jessie and Mark, who take in an eight year old boy named Cody Morgan into their home after the lost of their son Sean who passed away by drowning in the tub.

On the first night Cody told Jessie that he was too scared to go to sleep, but Jessie told him there was nothing to be scared of because he was safe in their home. As soon as Jessie left the room, Cody got out a box that he had brought with him and took out a energy drink and started to read his butterfly book.

The next day was Cody’s first day at a new school and Jessie was at home folding up his clothes when her foot accidently touched the box Cody had when he arrived. She then picked it up and opened it to find his butterfly book and found his little stash of energy drinks and pills that make him stay awake. That night she told him she came across his box and took away the pills and energy drinks, so he can get some rest.

That night they saw butterflies in the living room; not knowing where they came from,they both got up looking at them and when they turn their heads for a second to close the, window the butterflies disappear and when they turn around they see Cody. The next night Cody asks them about their son and Jessie tells him that he is heaven, then Cody’s says that his mother is in heaven as well.

When Cody goes to sleep at night Jessie and Mark are visited by dream version of Sean, their son who had died, as Jessie hugs him he soons disappears and when they turn around they see Cody who tells them he is sorry and that he was dreaming and goes to get a energy drink.

The next day Cody was allowed to take a nap in class. As he sleeps, the class bully walks in the class and just as when he was close to the desk The Canker Man, Cody’s nightmare, got him and ate him and only one person, a little girl, witnessed the terror. That night Jessie put sleeping pills in a glass of milk and gave it to Cody, so he would sleep. Then she realized that it was a bad idea because she couldn’t wake him up to get rid of his nightmare. Jessie loses her husband to the monster and Cody gets taken away from her. She then tries to figure out everything about Cody’s dream by stealing his file from his case worker and visiting his old foster parent, who had experienced Cody’s dreams and losing his wife to Cody’s nightmare. He urges Jessie to kill Cody, but instead Jessie tries to find out more about Cody’s birthmother.

Jessie then goes to the orphanage where Cody was staying. When she walked in it was dark and empty. Jessie saw nightmarish versions of Sean, Mark, Cody, and herself. As she leaves the room she finds Cody’s room. As soon as she steps foot in his room, she gets thrown across the hallway by The Canker Man, Cody’s nightmare. Jessie stands up and The Canker Man starts to run down the hallway. Just when it gets close to her, she pulls out a blue pillow shaped like a butterfly and holds it out so that The Canker Man stops and looks at it. Jessie then leans in to hug him and The Canker Man turns into a dream version of Cody.

Jessie walks back into the room and picks up Cody. She lays the butterfly pillow on him turning his nightmare into a dozen of butterfly’s. As she takes him home she tells the case worker, that was getting out of a cocoon, that he’s going home and the case worker just looks at her and nods. When Jessie and Cody got home, she told him about his mother and how she had cancer when he was young, and the last time he saw her she was pale and skinny. Then she told him a story about the little boy who came back to his family, a wife that came back to her husband, and a father who returned to his family.

I really like this movie because when I have nightmares I can actually feel the hands of something on me and usually I can feel it on my neck and someone sitting on my back choking me and the only way I can get rid of the nightmare I force myself to wake up just like Cody who forces himself to wake up. My first night in my new house I had a nightmare and I felt someone rubbing on my body and grabbing me by my leg and neck trying to drag me underneath my bed. I really think you’ll like the movie as much as I did it is very creative how the movie is put together.