Game review: Fortnite, the game everyone is playing.

Khalil Mayweather Jacob Coppage Evan Bylsma, Reporter

Fortnite is a free downloadable game for PS4, Xbox One and Microsoft computers. This sensational game was released July 25 , 2017. The designer of Fortnite, Darren Sugg teamed up with Epic Games and People Can Fly to make Fortnite.


The objective of Fortnite in Battle Royale mode is to survive and win within 100 players. In the Save The World mode, you survive against Zombies. Although that mode costs money, people still get it.


Fortnite has been played all over the world. This game has had my attention since christmas. I play this game almost everyday. On the weekends I play non-stop with my friends.


The game is all about strategy, sometimes my friends and I practice before we actually play. I think we take this game too seriously, but this game is addictive. I have played  2 days on the game.


The game is very cartoonish and childish. There is no blood involved so it’s good for little kids. Fortnite is not completely done so there are some bugs to the game.


The weapons are separated into 5 different groups, white, green, blue, purple, and gold.

Whites are some of the worst guns in the game, but gold guns are the best guns in the game.  The gold scar is the go-to gun, the damage is overpowered.  


There are shields in the game that can give you more health. Bandages rehabilitates your health to 75%, and a medkit fully restores your health. These supplies are really helpful if you carry them.


In the game you have 5 slots to hold weapons or supplies. You must  keep a good layout to survive. A good example is a Gold Scar, Shield Potions, a Tactical Shotgun, a Gold Sniper, and some medkits or bandages.


In Fortnite, there are so many places you could land. So, when jumping from the Battle Bus you want to pick a secluded area to loot. A good way to do this is to create a path of places to loot.


So now that you are equipped with guns, you need to kill other people and take their loot. The gunplay in Fortnite is not quite fully developed.