‘JUMANJI’ best action movie in 2k18

Shelby Wilson and Melayna dunbar, Reporter

The new movie Jumanji is a remake of the old one that was made in 1995. Instead of the game being a game board they changed it into a video game because kids in the new era wouldn’t like to play on a game board. A lot of people doubted this movie because they didn’t think it would live up to the first one.  


The new movie Jumanji is a hit, it’s a comedy,action, and adventure. Jumanji came out on December 20th of 2018. Out of all the people who watch this movie loved it. 92%thought this movie was a definite hit.


Miliana Herrera said she has seen Jumanji and thought this movie was childish. She said her favorite part was when Martha kinda turned into a girl thats fearless ,and came out of her shell. She predicted the movie was going to be good before it came out. Her favorite character in this movie was Bethany, the girl who turned into a boy.


In the movie the characters get sucked into the game ,and have to save the world and once they successfully save the world they get sent back into the real world.There are many challenges they have to face before getting out. Once in the game they have three lives and if you die three times you die permanently.


When they got sucked into the game they were found by a pc character and given a stone that this bad guy wants to take ,so he can rule and they have to take the stone and place it back into the stone figure of a jaguar.

Jacob Coppage said he liked the new movie Jumanji. He said his favorite part was when fridge came out on an elephant and yelled zoology. Before he saw this movie he predicted this “ I thought the movie was going to be great because Kevin Hart, The Rock, and Jack Black was in it.  My favorite character was Fridge because it was played by Kevin Hart.”