Music review: My First KPop experience

Music review: My First KPop experience

Arisza Gonzalez, Staff Reporter

The first time I ever listened to KPop was with my friend Darian Lester, we were at her house and watching a movie when suddenly she turned it off and started to play an unfamiliar music video. Later I found out that song name was ‘BANG BANG BANG’ by Big Bang, a popular KPop group. It was new to me and I didn’t exactly know how to react to a song not in my native language. The song was great and the video was cool but I was still a little uninterested, she noticed my lack of care and started to introduce me to BTS.

As soon as she played the song ‘Blood Sweat and Tears’ I was already bored but then the video caught my attention, I suddenly wanted more of this new music, so I asked Darian to show me more. She was in the middle of a live shooting of BTS performing, my then new favorite song, Blood Sweat and Tears. I was so shocked, my mouth was gaped open the whole time seeing these 7 men move like it was the easiest thing ever.

Over time I became more into it then at some random point I became obsessed with this new music, more specifically BTS. I honestly love KPop and many people wonder why I do because i can’t understand their language, but that’s not completely true. I actually like to look up the lyrics and learn the song in English. For instance, the worldwide popular song Despacito by Luis Fonsi. Many people who liked or even loved the song didn’t know what it meant because it was in Spanish and that’s okay. I love music, all kinds, but not for the words exactly, I love the sound of KPop along with the hidden message inside the lyrics in Korean.

I one hundred percent encourage you to watch or listen to KPop, if you don’t like it then you don’t have to get into it like I did or like KPop fans do. It’s all a choice, it’s just a new type of music you may or may not like. Even if you don’t like the music i promise the videos and dancing will blow your mind! So… I’ll just end this by saying I LOVE KPop and i hope you do too!!!