Personal View :: How I spend my weekend


Jin Seo, Staff Reporter

It was a cold and long weekend. School was closed on Monday and Tuesday because the icy weather outside. It was cold outside and most store were closed. It was very nice day until we figure out we had to do something in this freezing cold day..

We woke up early and found out that there was no school today, because of the weather. We went outside to let our dog to walk around, but it didn’t work. Our dog hates the cold weather. Last time when it snowed, he didn’t go outside at all. He just walked front yard for few minutes and he ran back inside. It was impossible to walk with him in this weather and we gave up walking him around the neighborhood.

We played with our dog inside the house, chasing him around. My brother brought my clarinet from the repairing shop, and when I checked inside, there was a part missing. The mouthpiece was missing. We had to call the store and ask for the parts and we had to get to the store and bring the parts. We had to leave the house in this weather.

After getting clarinet missing parts, we came back to the house. There was whole mess on the floor and other places. Our dog, Cookie was chewing on tissue and other stuffs that he is not supposed to. We had to clean the mess he made.

After all of this mess, we couldn’t rest. We had to play with him again because he was bored again and he stepped on us waking us up. When it was the late in the afternoon, when our dog enjoyed the catching the ball enough, we were all tired.

Even though we were all tired, we still had chores to do. Laundry, cleaning dishes and cleaning our rooms. Our dog chased us and tried to steal the socks and other stuffs. We had to stop him and block him away

After the sunset, it was best part of the day. We could lay down and rest. 
Because our dog was tired, we could hug him. After few seconds, because my dog doesn’t like getting into the blanket or getting hug  by us, he pushed us away with his front paws.