8th graders future as a Freshman

8th graders future as a Freshman

Carina Ethier and Adaiah Martinez

With 2017-18 school year coming to an end, many 8th graders minds are on their upcoming freshman year. Zaryah Wray, future freshman said, “it seems weird… I don’t see myself as being a highschooler next year.”

When the question of feeling prepared comes to topic, many feel as if they aren’t. Jada Burchett said “ No, its more strict and grades are more important.” However, there are few who say they are “ready”. Oliver Eggleston,prepared 8th grader said, “ yes, I think that I know enough to get through.”

In high school you have a lot more options to help you choose your life’s path. You get more electives to choose from and harder classes to take. “It’s great to have so many options, sure it may confuse you because there are so many, but once you figure it out, all you have to do is go down that path.” said Gillian Graver.

If you’re nervous for high school, don’t be ,“stay organized and keep track of both your time and documents. You’ll have more responsibilities and teachers don’t give slack or give second chances. The older you get the harder it gets, enjoy it and be active.” said Mrs.P.J.