Personal View: The Importance of Computers


Ethan Adams, Staff reporter

Do you know that computers are becoming really important? People don’t realize that computers are becoming a big part of our daily life. Most students will know this because sometimes in class the teacher will bring in the C.O.W. (Computers on Wheels) to do an assignment for class. Computers are also very important for business, or company, or computer coding.

In some classes, computers are essential to do work in class, like Journalism or Tech Apps. There’s even more in high school. Computers are also needed by teachers to submit attendance, put in grades, or even use the smart board to make a presentation.

Without computers, simple tasks would be downright tedious. Computers are also a good source for news so people can stay aware. They are also a good resource for studying, research and help with real life problems.

Since computers are becoming such a big part of this day and age, it’s becoming necessary to learn how to key properly. It would be useful for typing essays, write poems, or even article. It would be very useful to be able to type fast for business or a job that involves computers of any sort.

Computers are pretty important for almost everybody today, from business to just class computers. You can even be more efficient when typing by taking the time to learn to key properly. Chances are that when you get older and have to get a job, computers will be a part of it.