Doie Jr. High 7th Grade Boys Basketball’s First Game


Leilah Gomez, Briahna Owen

As the 7th grade basketball boys walk in the crowd roars with excitement. Their first game was December 21st, 2017, the last week of school ‘till the break. Everybody is cheering and clapping as the boys take on the court to warm up. You hear the thump on the floor as the boys dribble the balls and see the sweat as it runs down their face. The competitiveness was threw the roof.

“When we lose I feel disappointed” said Donte Payton, center for A team.The first game for A team was close, but sadly they lost.

On the other hand B team scored and took a won and are also undefeated right now. “When we win we just feel normal because we know we’re gonna win” said Austin Crowe, point guard for B team.