8th Grade Girls Basketball are Undefeated

Jordyn Pollard, staff reporter

Basketball season is coming to an end for girls. The 8th grade girls have worked really hard this season and had fun playing the game they love.

There are 5 positions in girls basketball. The point guard, the forwards, and the posts.

The point guard has to take charge on the court and control the plays. The forwards have to help the point guard bring the ball down to the basket, make shots, and or pass the ball to people closest to the basket.

The posts are the closest to the basket, they have to block shots, get rebounds, and make the shots closest to the basket.

The girls basketball team has won almost all their games. A team has won all their games and had another undefeated season. Both A, B, and C team enjoyed playing with their teammates.

A lot of people on the basketball team have trained hard to get where they are today. They play on a school team and a team outside of school.

When playing a sport you have to have a good attitude, especially when you’re on a team. If you don’t have a good attitude during the game you probably won’t play well.

Teamwork is probably one of the most important parts of basketball. If you don’t work as a team, you won’t win the game. If you work by yourself you won’t get anywhere, but when you’re on a team you can work with the people that like the game as much as you do.