Dobie students audition for the One-Act Play

Dobie students audition for the One-Act Play

Reese Evans, Staff reporter

Dobie’s spring UIL one act play, named Persephone, will host its auditions on January 17 2018. Many Dobie students are excited and anxious to try out for a role. Mrs. Chitta, the Theatre Arts director was questioned on her thoughts about the auditions. “I’m nervous for the kids, because I care about what is best for them, and I want them to get what will make them happy.” she replied. Many auditioning students were interviewed as well.


Oliver Eggleston, 8th, said he was applying for crew, more specifically props. ”I’m pretty confident since I’ve done it in both plays” Oliver answered.

Oliver Eggleston, 8th

Seraphim Wright, 8th, said she was auditioning for Persephone. “ I think I did pretty good, I guess” Seraphim said. When asked about her feelings on call-backs, she replied: “ I’m excited, but I’m nervous since there are other talented people.”

Seraphim Wright, 8th

Jacob Isola, 8th, said he was auditioning for all of the male roles. “I feel like I did alright.” When questioned on his feelings on call-backs he answered :“I’m kinda nervous for it”

Jacob Isola, 8th


Sarah Swink, 8th, said she was auditioning for Persephone. “I think I did great.” When asked about call-backs she answered: “At first you’re nervous,but then you get used to it” she said.

Sarah Swink, 8th

Jason Dobbins, 8th, was auditioning for either Hades or Hermes but would accept any male role. “I think I did very well” when asked about call-backs, he replied “I’m glad that I made it, and I think I have a very good shot of making the play.”

Jason Dobbins, 8th

The one act play will be judged on April 13th. Many of the students are nervous and excited about the cast and crew list being put up during 8th period on January 22. Many of the students who auditioned were in the previous two shows, and are ready for the challenge that this show brings to the table. UIL plays have to be 45 minutes or less and before the show, the cast and crew must construct the environment.