Climate is changing in Texas

Reese Christenson and Kristen Howard

The climate has been changing left and right. The cold front has been sweeping along the coast line and leaving crazy temperatures.The temperatures have been dropping a crazy amount in Texas. 

The temperature dropped thirty degrees overnight leaving ice and sleet everywhere. “I was disappointed when I saw the ice instead of snow, but I like the cold much more than Texas heat,” said Elena Flessas.

As many as six people have died from the crazy weather. These people have died from road conditions including icy and snowy road. Since most don’t have experience driving in these conditions.

Normally Texas is a hot and humid state, with temperatures only dropping to the mid 50s and 40s, but lately normal temperatures are in the 30s. Many people who live in the state aren’t used to the cold harsh weather.

Out of a class poll, more people like the cold weather. “We don’t really get cold weather here so it’s a nice change,” said eighth grader Zaryah Wray. Most people like this weather because it’s uncommon in Texas.

Texas has been having crazy weather this year, including the sleet, we have also had a snowstorm in early December. Everyone loved it and had a little taste of winter,and got everyone in the spirit for Christmas.

In conclusion ,the weather has been all over the place and probably won’t stop. The crazy temperatures are hot and cold. Weather reports say that the weather is getting back to normal temperatures in a matter of a week.