Personal Review: The Top Trends of 2017


Gillian Graver, Staff Reporter

I don’t know if it’s just me, but 2017 was a crazy year! It was filled with many rises in fashion, games, and toys. I think a lot of people are glad 2017 is over and are ready for the new year, like I am. However, let’s look back on some of the trends of 2017.

First of all, we have Fidget Spinners. I know, I know, they have become such a meme now. They were big in the beginning of 2017. Although they were invented sometime in 1993, they became very popular last year.

They were originally created by a chemical engineer in training, Catherine Hettinger, in 1993. They toy was originally used to help children or adults with ADHD cope with their fidgeting. You can check out more of the history at

Okay, second of all, we have challenges! I think you guys would know the two big ones that rose that year. These challenges are the “Andy’s Coming” challenge and the “Floor is Lava” challenge.

Andy’s Coming was based off of the movie series of Toy story. I feel like it was a public stunt just to shock one specific person or a whole group of unsuspecting people. How it works is one person yells “Andy’s coming!” and everyone drops to the floor, limply. Just like the toys from Toy Story, they go ‘stuffed’.


The Floor is Lava challenge is basically what it sounds like. Someone says “The Floor is Lava” and a group of people or one specific person have to get off the ground within 5 seconds, no matter where they are.

Then we have memes arise. Lots and lots of memes. For example, we have the meme of Pennywise dancing and we have the “Cash Me Outside,” meme. Memes are still pretty big this year as well.

Also, we have the Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino. This so brightly colored drink was eyed down by many Starbucks lovers. It was only out for a limited time but there were a lot of mixed reviews about it. I haven’t been able to try myself, so I don’t know how it tastes. I do know it has 410 total calories and 59 grams of sugar based off what I saw on the Starbucks official website! That’s really sweet!

Lastly, we have dabbing. It surfaced in 2016 but then really became an internet craze in 2017. My parents honestly found it annoying since my brother was doing it so much, and I also saw a lot of kids do it at school. I didn’t know why they were doing it, but I just let them be themselves and didn’t say anything.

These were only some of the trends in 2017, but I hope I made a good recap of some of the big ones! Do you guys remember any more that I might have missed? Well, just remember, it’s the new year and many new trends are up to come!