Personal View: The Most Exciting Thing I’ve Done This Year


Brea Mars, Staff Reporter

It all started with me waking up at 7 am on January 15th, 2018. My best friend, Symantha Noel, was coming to pick me up at 8. I finished getting ready for the walk around 8. Sam and her mother arrived to pick me up close to 8:30. My heart was pounding when I thought about walking with a group of people. We stopped at Starbucks and I ordered a chocolate croissant and some hot chocolate.

We finished our short breakfast by the time we got to the bus stop. A long line of people greeted my eyes along with buses and people wearing corresponding clothes. Sam quickly found one of The Ladies in the Top Teens Association. She greeted us with a smile and a hug. While time passed more of The Ladies and other girls arrived. Out of all of us there was one guy. One of the last Ladies had brought all of us doughnuts.

I got a twist and broke it in half and I had gotten a danish since I had never eaten one before. The danish didn’t taste bad but I didn’t like how messy it was. After that we got on the bus and had a laugh. We held the doughnut boxes for most of the ride and started talking about how we could have fallen out the door, well, those of us standing in front of it. Just a couple minutes before we got off, we had gotten the idea of giving the box to one of The Ladies who was sitting down.

After our jovial time on the bus we did a count off to see if everyone was present. We made our way to the school by walking over the bridge. Once we got to the school we had found our way through a large crowd to begin the march. I heard many things while walking with all of these supporters. There were people playing music and others holding signs. There were all sorts of colors and many other support groups shouting out their slogans.

We took multiple pictures in the gradually warming weather. Near the end of the walk, I wanted to sit down. My legs were hurting and my thighs were aching, but I kept walking.

We finished the walk around noon. We made a quick stop before going to eat at the Cappa’s house. I wasn’t hungry because of the doughnuts that I had eaten on the way. I took a bite of the burger that I got before putting it down and dancing with Sam to the songs that were being played.

After all of that, we made our way back to the buses. I finally got a chance to sit down after a long time. I sighed at my instant relief. When we got off the bus I whined about how it felt weird to walk. I had gotten into the car and we headed home. I have never felt so accomplished till that day happened. When I got home I hopped in bed and took a long nap.