The day Texas froze


Elijah hugle and Luke Hill

The day Cibolo froze

By: Elijah Hugle and Luke Hill


On January 16, 2018, Cibolo, Texas was 23 degrees Fahrenheit at the lowest. There was rain that day which started around 9:45 a.m. When it hit the ground, it started to freeze.


Many said they were happy because there was no school that day.

8th grader, Brea Mars, said, “I didn’t think too highly because I was too busy watching Netflix.”

Another student Kenyon Portela-Bailey said, “I was happy because there was no school”.

Michaela Martinez said, “I was happy because I had no school but I was sad because it didn’t snow.”


The announcement that school was cancelled was not sent out until about 7:39 p.m, but it was obvious before then that we were not going to have school that day.


Most people enjoyed that day, no longer worrying about the next day’s work. Some started to plan what they were going to do during the freezing miracle but most just sat inside lazily and binge-watched Netflix.


The doors were frozen shut with a thin layer of ice, but they were still easy to get through.