Movie Review: Freakish was amazing


Faith Smith and Cierrah Utsey

Freakish is about a group of teenagers that have detention on a Saturday morning. All of a sudden there is an explosion at the chemical plant and everyone is evacuated from the area. People are told stay inside because the chemicals from the plant are very toxic.The administrator watches the teens making sure they don’t do anything stupid.


Some guy had the idea to go outside when the news clearly stated to stay inside. Ten minutes pass and the teens in the school see that the kid that went outside has turned into some kind of mutant thing. Then, Grover Jones gets the idea to barricade the entire school with supplies in the janitor’s closet.


Zoe Parker finds out that Natalie is pregnant. LaShaen tries to find help and gets lost. While he is gone a random guy comes in telling the teens about a vaccine they can take making it capable for them to walk outside in the contaminated air. But what they don’t know is that the guy that’s supposed to be helping them is actually trying to kill them. The characters realize that he is super sketchy and kill the mysterious man.

LaShaen finally gets back. Natalie sacrificed herself so her friend can escape the zombies in the building.