Personal View: What it’s like being In Charge of “Pho 99’’

Personal View: What its like being In Charge of “Pho 99’’

By: Angel Pham

There are dozens and dozens of “Pho 99s” out there in the world but one belongs to my family. My family business is located in Kyle,Texas. “Pho 99” is a Vietnamese cuisine restaurant that will be opening on January 20th. When it does open I’ll be working as the cashier and bringing out drinks.

About two months ago when my family just bought the building it was plain and dirty. T,o see the hardwork and dedication we put in it I’d have admit that it became one of the most rewarding experience ever. We first hired workers to mold the building for the kitchen and restrooms. After that, we went to Houston to buy many restaurant equipment like glass bottles for sauce, or cooking supplies.

Once the whole building was finished and we brought all the supplies back to the restaurant we started to put them in cabinets and stoves. When we were finished we bought food like dry noodles, lots of meat, bone marrow, and dough wrap for shrimp wraps or egg rolls.

The moment I’ll always remember about the restaurant was when my dad gave me 50 lbs of shrimp to PEEL. After this misery and the “shrimpy” smell I’ll never forget I told my dad I was gonna go out the resturant and go to Walmart because the nice thing about the location of the restaurant is because it is a block away from Goodwill and Walmart. Before I could even tell him where I was going he stopped me and brought out another bucket of shrimp. At that moment I screamed and ran away as if I was running for my life! Of course after going to Walmart and buying donuts with my cousin we had to face the red and pink nightmare.

To his day I will never be able to eat or see shrimp the same way. Besides this horrible experience there were definitely fun and hilarious times, like when me and my cousin were pouring pepper in the glass shakers and we couldn’t stop sneezing. It got so bad that my cousin fell after a giant sneeze.

Another time was when we watched the beautiful sunset in Kyle and we fell in love with it. There was also that one time me and my cousin were hiding from my little brother Peter because if you know siblings they love to follow you wherever you go and my cousin Caroline tripped over a giant rock but we still ran for our lives. We also went to hide behind a dumpster but there was a wall of nails pointing out a wooden board and I tripped and went to put my hand on the board and made a bunch of holes come out of my hand.

I guess you could say this was more about my experience there then my experience of handling a restaurant.