Student Spotlight: Kylie Pavlovsky


Paige Freund, Staff reporter

 Kylie Pavlovsky, 7th grader was born on June 3, 2005 in Maryland. Later in 2010 and 2015 came along her 2 little sisters that she loves very much.

She went to Sippel elementary school for kinder – 4th grade and Schlather 5th – 6th and is currently in Dobie jr. high for 7th grade.


 Kylie didn’t have very many friends until the middle of 5th grade until she met one of her closest friend, Caleigh Krystyniak. It all started by an email by their two parents. Caleigh needed someone to carpool her to swim practice, and realized that Kylie was in swim and at her school so her mom decided to ask Kylie. Ever since then they were inseparable at swim and school. They have had such a strong bond for a total of 3 years.


 Kylie was bullied all the way up till now. They would call her “fat” and “ugly.” In about 6th grade she started to ignore them. Towards the end she let them in again. Now in 7th grade she is very careful about who she trusts and becomes friends with.


 Kylie’s grandpa means the world to her. He is an inspiration to her. He has always been a kind and smart man to everyone around him. When Kylie’s grandpa passed away she was devastated, but she also felt the need to look up to him a lot more. He has always been there for her and she admired that. “I hope heaven treats him well” says Kylie.