Student spotlight: Kristen Howard


Emma Parker, staff reporter

Welcome to the world of kristen Howard. She is a funny, exciting, retro girl that loves for skateboarding and hanging with her friends. As being one of her best friends knowing everything about her is a key thing.


One thing she loves to be is different. She hates to be described the same as everyone else. I understand, she is very different than everyone else with her style. I would describe it as very 80’s and eccentric. She likes to wear tie dye and old styles catch her attention a lot. She also loves to shop at Goodwill which goes with the old style.


She is very creative. The things she thinks about are so weird and she puts a lot of thought into everything. The things she thinks about are so random sometimes, Like the way your hands move. Her room is very decorative and well organized with memories and cool pictures on her wall.


The more you get to know Kristen the more she will grow on you. She has three best friends in her life me, Julia Escobedo, and Anissa Warren. She’ s known Julia since the 1st grade and I’ve known her since 4th grade and Anissa since 5th grade. This just shows that she is a person who will keep a friendship tight in her heart. Now we’re all a group that hang out together.


Kristen Howard is an amazing person to be friends with once you get to know her. She may be shy at first but who isn’t? That’s just even more reason to get to know her as a person and just wait till she opens up to you because she is so funny and cool.