Volunteering At Animal Shelters


Alisza Gonzalez, Staff Reporter

Jocelynn Klein a 7th grader here at Dobie Jr. High has an interesting story. She is new to this district as she was previously in Michigan.


Since she started 6th grade she would volunteer at animal shelters. Jocelynn said she finds joy in “helping” the animals as she visits them every Wednesday and Thursday.


When asked why she does this she said “Gives me a good feeling. It’s very therapeutic” She explained how spending time with animals made her feel like a better [person.


As i then asked her what her favorite memory she was happy to quote for me ‘“One time there was this cat and he had been declawed by his previous owners. He was all white and liked to  be loved, so he wrapped his little arms around my neck and clung on, like a hug.”


She happily continued to talk about her fun experiences at the animal shelter. Jocelynn said the funnest part about volunteering is seeing the animals light up when getting out of their cages just to go for a short walk whether outside or around the building.


Jocelynn continued telling me about how much fun she had for the rest of the time we were

together. I know i think it’s absolutely amazing that she does this on her free time and i hope you do too.