Lil Moneys rise to fame


Davis Donicht Nicolas Dziewit, Staff Reporter


By Nicolas Dziewit and Davis Donicht


LIl Money/ Michael Moylan is a Soundcloud rapper that goes to Dobie Jr. High. He started his career with the rap he released called “King of Dobie” .  He has so far continued his career with one of his newer songs called “Clout Chasers”. So far we have not heard of any new releases yet, but they could be coming soon.


Michael thought of Lil Money in a 5th period class with some of his friends to be a rapper, and write the song “King Of Dobie.” Another reason for his rapping career is, “ Some rappers on Soundcloud are so horrible that anyone could be a rapper”


Lil Money and all the other rappers out there always have positive feedback, but along with that there is always the haters. “ A lot of people at Dobie have been very positive toward me, but there are the occasional haters that I just block out.”


Lil Money likes to express himself through his musician meet a lot of people along the way in his rapping career. “A new album coming on January thirty first on my own birthday” Lil Money wants to keep his career on the low for right now, but he hopes to blow up in the future.