Staff spotlight: Mr. Joyner

Blake Thompson, Sandra Escobar

Mr.Joyner, a seventh grade Texas history teacher is indifferent about his job he says “its rewarding but frustrating.” He wanted to be a professional basketball player when he was a child, but he wanted a job that contribute to his community.

He is funny and makes learning enjoyable for most of the students in his classes.

Mr.Joyner is really loud, although it comes in handy when people start talking and get too loud and stop listening  to the lesson.

His favorite person from history is  Lyndon B. Johnson or known as LB jay. He was the vice president when John.F Kennedy was assassinated in 1964.

Over the Christmas break Mr.Joyner’s tendons ripped away from his bone. He had cut into a tree and pushed the tree forwards and then let go, and the tree broke the laws of physics and it fell backwards and ripped both tendon’s on his right arm.

He enjoys working out, he says it makes him feel better and He enjoys playing golf, and fixing houses. Although at the moment he is unable to do any of that because of his arm, but he currently is recovering from his injuries.