Lil Dum on the Come Up.

Sophia Garza and Zoe Gallegos

Lil Dum is an aspiring SoundCloud rapper. We are blessed to be able to see her presence at  Dobie Jr. High. Her 2 hit songs B&H, and Make it Stop have become such inspiring pieces of art.

Dum is not like the other rappers in the game. She does not condone drugs. She also does not spit cuss words, only fire.

When asked how long Dum has been spitting those bars for she replied with, “ I would say about 2 weeks, all of my bars just come to me like a car.’’ When asked if Dum was going to pursue her music career, Dum replied with, “I already have all the ice I need, I would just keep spitting for my cult of a fanbase.’’

Before rapping, Dum was just an average Cibolian teenager. Now her life is forever changed. “I wouldn’t have been able to do it without my fans, they’re the ones who built Lil Dum, I will forever be grateful for each Dum fan.’’

Dums name is rather unique when asked how she got the name, she said, “ I wasn’t really going by a name yet, I kept switching up, until a classmate said Lil Dum as a joke. As soon as he said it, I knew in my heart that that was the name for me.”

Lil Dum isn’t the only rapper at Dobie, Lil Money is also a SoundCloud rapper. When asked if there was any beef Dum replied with, “I have nothing but respect for Money, I started spitting because of him.’’ Dum also said, “ You never know we might collab together, we’re both on the come up.’’

Dum is an aspiring rapper here at Dobie, that has a lot of talent, and plans on changing the world, one cold song at a time.